Entry: The past was a path of Thorns Sunday, March 26, 2006

A bad dream.
When I woke up screaming and no one heard me.
When I cried and no one held me

No one was there to make it stop.
When I was weak, and someone held my hands above my head
and forced themselves upon me

I bled.
When someone touched a flaming stick to my leg
and burned my skin

I got used to the loneliness.
When no one understood me
because I couldn't tell them anything
because I don't want to

Everyone has their own ghosts that haunt them
Everyone has done things they wish they didn't do
Everyone has pain they wish they didn't feel

I'd change it for you if I could.
but even love isn't that strong

I'm sorry.

that these things happened.


April 4, 2006   05:03 AM PDT
hamf! couples EB! di ako pupunta jan!

twishy: you are not alone... *hugz*
April 3, 2006   05:04 PM PDT
sama kau kay ives. huhu
April 3, 2006   11:49 AM PDT
@meann: oo bah!!! :)
April 1, 2006   05:32 AM PST
paguwi ko kitakits tau nila germs at emil.

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