Entry: Monday Blues Monday, June 05, 2006

Uggh. I arrived way too early at work. It is not even 8:00 a.m. yet and I already feel like hitting someone. Worst of it is I have to wear the obligatory company uniform. There is nothing worse than having to slave all day, wearing some sexless, shapeless pantsuit and feeling like you look over forty. Of course, I am only 24.

Must find a more fullfilling ang financially rewarding job.


July 29, 2006   11:16 PM PDT
hehehe. just smile and everything will be alright. you can carry it without looking 40 as you said.
June 21, 2006   11:44 AM PDT
eeek uniform. yak uniform. >:D< hahaha
June 8, 2006   09:41 AM PDT
Me too, must find another job!

But hey, whatever happened to your exams? The LOMA?
prinSesa ivEs
June 6, 2006   04:29 PM PDT
you're seriously gonna look for a new job?
mukhang ok naman sa work mo ah...
June 6, 2006   03:16 PM PDT
ay barat ba ang company nyo? hehex mishu trish! >:D<

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